The third image was photographed also by MGS but another three years before, in 1998. It shows the mesa in a slanted perspective from an angle of nearly 45 degrees. It has a size of 1024 x 1121 pixels with a resolution of 4.3 m per pixel. In image SP1-22003 [3] the arcs and lines can also be seen. The two axes have been projected onto the surface of the mountain. The length of both axes on the ground has to be calculated with different factors. Pixels in x-direction from left to right count as usually with factor 1 but in y-direction from bottom top the projection onto the ground has to be considered and the y-difference is divided by cos(45°) which means the number of pixels in y-direction has to be multiplied by √2. Based on such calculation, the length of the mountains takes 626.8 pixels, representing 2695 m and the width of the mountains takes 442.2 pixel, representing 1901m.