Privacy Policy

These are the privacy policy of Pixel Edit.


All the comment authors who submit their E-mail, Website, Blog etc. Will never be disclosed to anyone from the front of Pixel Edit.


All the audience who want to stay connected to Pixel Edit must enter either their E-mail or WordPress (.com) blog. In return. No web address, No e-mails will ever be disclosed off to anyone from Pixel Edit’s front at any cost.

No spam messages, no spam comments and or any kind of dirty jokes will never be made from the front of Pixel Edit.

There is no Sign Up or Sign In process to join and or connect with Pixel Edit. No spam comments will be trespassed. No comments will ever be approved with an Ad or any kind of promotion related stuffs.

Please do not try to Spam. Tries will result in an IP BAN and or Blocked IP addresses. Please try not to spam by any means.


Pixel Edit does not uses any form of Cookies.

However. Ads Served by Ad Networks may use cookies¬†to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to the website.