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From Crop Tool to Free Crop Tool. From Layers Tool to the Clone Tool. Every single Tool in PicsArt. Which brings doubt and confusion in your mind, Will all be cleared here in Pixel Edit.

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The Layers Tool

Cover PicsArt Layer Tool

When you want to get creative. When you want to add a little extra neat touch to your images. Or if you just want to get comfortable with all the editing stuffs. You will first have to be comfortable with the Layers Tool. Learn more about the Layer Tool.

Almost every single edit requires Layers to be used. Layers helps a lot to create something totally creative and new.

Free Crop Tool

Free crop tool

Free Crop Tool in PicsArt is an advanced Cropping Tool which works by using brushes an erasers. Once cropped, the file can be saved as a Clipart. Later, this file can be used with any other images. Learn more about the Free Crop Tool.

Free Crop Tool can also be used to make some complex selections. Later, which all can be saved as a Clipart for further use.

Resize Images in PicsArt

Cover PicsArt Resize Image

There is relatively two basic ways to actually resize your images in PicsArt. First is the Crop Tool and the second is the dedicated Resize Tool. Both are very simple and easy to use. And both has it’s own goods and bads. Get to know how to resize your images in PicsArt.

Learn How to resize your images for your blog or even Facebook. You can easily resize all of your images in PicsArt.

Shape Crop Tool

Thumbnail PicsArt shape cropShape Crop Tool in PicsArt is a Basic form of Cropping Tool which can be used to make quick Crops and create Transparent PNG images and or Stickers. Shape Crop Tool was intended towards creating easy Stickers which can later be used in other images. There are a total of 43 Different Shapes available.

Learn how to use the Shape Crop Tool

Adjustments Tool

Thumbnail PicsArt-Adjustments-Tool-LogoAdjustments Tool in PicsArt is a Tool which can be used to make professional quality adjustments by controlling the amount of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and finally Temperature.

Learn how to use the Adjustments Tool


Shape Mask Tool

Thumbnail PocsArt shape mask

Shape Mask Tool in PicsArt is an Editing Tool which can be used to mask images with Mathematical Designs. Hence the name. But apart from just the Mathematical Shapes, you also get few other Shapes such as Apple, Rabbit, Crab etc.

Learn how to use the Shape Mask Tool


Lens Flare

Thumbnail PicsArt-Lens-Flare-Designs

PicsArt Lens Flare is an Editing Tool in PicsArt Photo Studio which works as a Layer or a mask on top of a particular image. Lens Flare consists of Lights spreading due to reflection of Lights itself, when interacted with the Camera Lens. PicsArt has around 57 Different designs of Lens Flare which can all be controlled according to one’s need.

Learn how to use the Lens Flare