PicsArt Editing Tools | All Tools of PicsArt Photo Studio

A complete list of “Step by Step” Tutorials of all the “Editing Tools” in PicsArt Photo Studio for Android.

From “Crop Tool” to “Free Crop Tool”. From “Layers Tool” to the “Effects Fx Tool”. Every single Tool in PicsArt which brings doubt and questions in your mind, Will all be cleared here in “Pixel Edit”.

Learn How To Use the PicsArt Editing Tools by reading the following Step by Step instructional tutorials.

PicsArt Editing Tools Layer

Layer Tool

The PicsArt Layer Tool allows you to create multiple images (Layers) within a single image. The Layer Tool works by making additional Layers on top of the original image.

PicsArt Editing Tools Free Crop

Free Crop Tool

Free Crop Tool” in PicsArt is an advanced cropping tool which works by using brushes an erasers. Once cropped, the file can be saved as a Clipart.

PicsArt Editing Tools Resize

Resize Tool

PicsArt Resize Tool is an editing tool in PicsArt which allows you to resize your images in “pixels” by adjusting the “Height” and “Width” of the image.

PicsArt Editing Tools Shape Crop

Shape Crop Tool

Shape Crop Tool” in PicsArt is a Basic form of cropping tool which can be used to make quick crops and create transparent PNG images and or Stickers.

PicsArt Editing Tools Adjust

Adjust Tool

Adjustments Tool” in PicsArt is a tool which can be used to make professional quality adjustments by adjusting the amount of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue etc.

PicsArt Editing Tools Shape Mask

Shape Mask

Shape Mask Tool” in PicsArt can be used to mask images with “Mathematical Designs” and you also get few other shapes such as Apple, Rabbit, Crab etc.

PicsArt Editing Tools Lens Flare

Lens Flare

Lens Flare” consists of lights spreading due to reflection of lights itself, when interacted with the Camera Lens. PicsArt has around 57 Different designs of Lens Flare.

PicsArt Editing Tools Beautify


PicsArt Beautify Tool” allows you to correction or adjustments made to a human’s face. Including Hair. You can make corrections like Smooth, Face Fix, Details, Blemish etc.

PicsArt Editing Tools Clone

Clone Tool

PicsArt Clone Tool” replicates and or copies the selected pixels. Clone Tool can also be used to erase all the unwanted objects or people in the background of an image.

PicsArt Editing Tools Stretch

Stretch Tool

PicsArt Stretch Tool” can be used to stretch an image’s pixels to any desired direction. There are a total of 7 different options which can be used to stretch your images.

PicsArt Editing Tools Selection

Selection Tools

PicsArt Selection Tool” complies a set of 3 dedicated Selection Tools to help you select an area of an image. This includes Rectangular, Circular and the Marquee Tool.

PicsArt Editing Tools Curves


PicsArt Curves Tool” is one of the most advanced colour adjustments tool which PicsArt has to offer. Which you can use to adjust Grayscale, as well as RGB pixels.

PicsArt Editing Tools Enhance

Enhance Tool

PicsArt Enhance Tool” is an image retouching tool in PicsArt which can be used to enhance or increase/decrease the Clarity and the Saturation.

PicsArt Editing Tools Motion

Motion Tool

PicsArt Motion Tool” is an Editing Tool in PicsArtwhich is used to make a number of copies (layers), each varying in Opacity of a selected (highlighted) area.

PicsArt Editing Tools Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift

The PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool is the 12th editing tool in the lineup. The Tilt Shift Tool can be used to blur the background images by focusing on a particular area.

PicsArt Editing Tools Perspective


PicsArt Perspective Tool” is an editing tool in PicsArt which enables you to stretch and or pull the sides of the image evenly in order to adjust the dimensions.

PicsArt Editing Tools Flip Rotate

Flip Rotate Tool

PicsArt Flip Rotate Tool” is an editing tool in PicsArt which can be used to “Flip” images from Left to Right or Right to Left, Upside down or Downside up etc.

PicsArt Editing Tools Effects Fx

Effects Fx

PicsArt Effects Fx Tool” is a top notch “Rendering Tool” offered by PicsArt. From basic Blue, Green, Red Fx to Advanced Oil Painting, White Ice, Geode etc.

PicsArt Editing Tools Callout


Just the way a conversation in a comic is displayed. The same way, you can add stories to your images in PicsArt. You get a total of 13 different designs of the Callout.

PicsArt Editing Tools Frames


“The PicsArt Frames Tool” is an Editing Tool in PicsArt which you can use to create or add a Frame to your images. It is an easy to use tool in PicsArt Photo Studio.

PicsArt Editing Tools Brush


There are 3 Different types of Brush Tool. First is the dedicated “Brushes Tool“, Second is the “Editing Brush Tool” and on the third we have the “Drawing Brush Tool”.

PicsArt Editing Tools Eraser


PicsArt Eraser Tool” is an “Erasing Tool cum Editing Tool in PicsArt Photo Studio which can be used for both “Erasing” and “Editing” an image with precision.