PicsArt Editing Tools: PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool | Tilt Shift Tool Explained

PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool is an editing tool in PicsArt which can be used to Focus on a Particular area and Blur the rest. You can choose between two options. The Linear and the Radial.

Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tools Tutorial. We will learn everything about the PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool. We will learn how to use it?, What are the uses? etc.

The PicsArt Tilt Shift tool is the 12th Editing Tools in the lineup. The Tilt Shift Tool can be used to blur the background images by focusing on a particular area. As mentioned above, You get Two options to blur the background. And these are the Linear and the Radial.

A cute White Cat

For this particular tutorial. I will be using the image above. It’s an image of a cute cat which I found on Pexels.


The Linear Tool enables you to blur the background with the use of 2 parallel lines stacked horizontally.

PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool Linear

You can adjust the areas of the blur by sliding the tiny little arrows to up or down. You can also adjust the inner portion by pinching In and Out. Also, you can adjust the amount of blur from Zero to all the way upto 100.


The Radial Tools enables you to select or focus an image deeply. All thanks to the circle.

PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool Radial

You can make real quick Selections and blur the background within seconds! Have a look at the image above.

You can pinch In and Out, inside the inner circle to increase the Selection. You can also increase or decrease the outer circle by the same method provided above.


It’s great to see PicsArt pushing the power of Eraser Tool in every other editing tools. You also have the option to erase all the areas you see unfit.

PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool Eraser

You can adjust the Size, Opacity and the Hardness of the Eraser Brush. You basically have full control working with PicsArt.

You can make a selection with the help of the Eraser Tool. Giving you the freedom to work with specific areas.

Below is an image of the completed edit. I believe the results to better with at least something in the background.

A cute White Cat after applying Tilt Shift Tool

Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Tilt Shift Tool. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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Thank you very much for reading this post.

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