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A Step by Step tutorial to help you learn How To use the “PicsArt Text Tool” along with explanations and sample images of all the options of PicsArt Text Tool.

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What is PicsArt Text Tool?

PicsArt Text Tool” is an editing tool in PicsArt Photo Studio which allows you to add texts in your images or drawings.

PicsArt Text Tool Sample

You get plenty of fonts. You get a total of 35 different styles of fonts. Not to forget. Users with PicsArt Gold Membership will have access to even more infinite fonts.

Below is a complete list of all the free fonts available in PicsArt.

  • Archivo Black Regular
  • Bunya Light
  • Vacer Sans Thin
  • Milasian Sirca
  • Cutive Mono
  • Average Sans
  • Unica One
  • Text Me One
  • Swanky And Moo Moo
  • Waiting for the sunrise
  • Gloria Hallelujah
  • Nothing You Could Do
  • Sigmar One
  • Luckiest Guy
  • Permanent Marker
  • Blockography
  • Stroke Dimension
  • Made With B
  • Special Elite
  • Mawns Handwriting
  • Limelight
  • Sniglet
  • Monoton
  • Faltura Guerra
  • Meddon
  • Many Weatz
  • Wankjtaberg Battlej
  • LoveYaLikeASister
  • Kranky
  • Just Another Hand
  • Orbitron-Black
  • Short Stack
  • Six Caps
  • UnifrakturCook
  • Smokum

Those were a list of all the available, free to use fonts in PicsArt. Again, of you are a Gold Member, you will get almost infinite styles of fonts.

What are the adjustment options of PicsArt Text Tool?

PicsArt allows you to adjust or modify your text just like the way you want.

PicsArt Text Tool Colour

You can add Colours, Gradient, Textures etc. You can basically design your fonts according to your choice. There are a total of 8 options to actually design your texts. Including Fonts.

Let us get to know more about all the options.


PicsArt Text Tool Font Sample

As mentioned earlier. You get the option to choose between 35 different styles of fonts to suit your images.


You can also add Colours in your texts to make it look even more good.

Between the colours option. You get additional 3 more options to design your texts. These are the Colour, Gradient and Texture. Let us get to know more about the three.

(1.) Colour

PicsArt Text Tool Colour Sample

You can pick any colour of your choice from the Colour bar. Or, you can also create a custom colour by tapping on the Colour Wheel. Or, You can also tap on the Colour Picker tool to pick a colour right from your image.

(2.) Gradient

PicsArt Text Tool Gradient

You can also add gradient finish to your texts by using two different colours. Such as the image above.

You can then slide the button to the left or right to adjust the Gradient.

(3.) Texture

PicsArt Text Tool Texture

You can also add textures to your text by using images provided by PicsArt or, You also have the option to choose your own image from your gallery.


PicsArt Text Tool Stroke

“Stroke” option allows you to add border around your texts to make it look even more better. Again, you can choose any colour of your choice.


PicsArt Text Tool Opacity

“Opacity” option allows you to adjust the transparency of the texts. You can do this by sliding the button to the left or right.


PicsArt Text Tool Blend

“Blend” option allows you blend your texts with your images into 7 different modes. Including Normal.


PicsArt Text Tool Shadow

You can also add shadows in your texts by using any colour of your choice. You can later, adjust the shadow from left to right or up to down or vise versa.

You can also adjust the opacity of the shadow along with blur.


PicsArt Text Tool Orientation

“Orientation” option allows you to place your texts either Vertically or Horizontally.

Do refer to the image above for more information.


PicsArt Text Tool Bend

“Bend” option allows you to bend your texts in certain angles to match your creativity.

You can also tilt your texts. As well as adjust the size of the texts.

How to use the PicsArt Text Tool?

In order to use the “PicsArt Text Tool“, Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open PicsArt Photo Studio along with your image.

Open PicsArt Photo Studio

Step 2 : Slide the bottom Toolbar to the left and select “Text”. A new window appears.

PicsArt Text Tool Type

You will now be asked to enter your text. Just add anything you would like to and tap on top right check mark (✓) to move ahead.

Step 3 : Now select any font of your choice and do all the necessary adjustments just as the way you’ve learnt by reading the articles above.

PicsArt Text Tool Font Samples

Step 4 : Tap on the top right check mark (✓) to save your progress.

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