PicsArt Teeth Whitening

PicsArt Teeth Whitening|How To Whiten Teeth in PicsArt | Tutorial

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you whiten your teeth in PicsArt. By using the PicsArt Teeth Whitening Tool.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this article, “PicsArt Teeth Whitening”. We will learn,

  • What is PicsArt Teeth Whitening? And,
  • How to Whiten Teeth in PicsArt?

What is PicsArt Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening using an App (PicsArt Photo Studio) is a process to whiten the teeth using the Brightness Tools or Teeth Whitening Tool.

You can whiten all the Yellowish Teeths and make them shine bright.

How to whiten Teeth in PicsArt?

In order to whiten Teeth in PicsArt. Follow the Step by Step Instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Choose an image for your project.

Model Girl from Pexels

As you can see in the image above. It looks quite OK, but when you zoom in, that’s when the problems starts to appear.

Even in an image where lighting is as near perfect. You will still notice Yellow Teeths.

Step 2 : Zoom in as much as possible. Or, atleast enough for you to edit comfortably.

Cropped Model Girl from Pexels

Refer to the image above for more information.

Step 3 : Go to PicsArt>Effects>Correction>Teeth Whiten. You might wonder where is “Correction”? Well you will have to slide the lowest bar to the left.

The bar where you can see FX, Blur, Magic etc. Just slide it to the left and select the “Correction” option.


Do the same for “Teeth Whiten”.

Teeth Whitening Tool

Note : The “Teeth Whitening Tool” under”Correction”, and all the other related Tools have been moved to”Beautify”.

Step 4 : Now you can zoom into your images and you can start Editing.

Controlling the Brush

You can adjust the size of the brush. You can also adjust the Opacity as well as Hardness of the brush too.

Step 5 : All you have to do is just brush over the teeth to whiten up the pixels.

For a clean look, make sure you zoom your image to the maximum!. That’s 500% . Unfortunately that’s the limit we have to face with PicsArt.

Step 6 : So now we are almost done. But we can obviously do a little more adjustments with the edit.

PicsArt Teeth Whitening Eraser Tool

Such as, we can switch to the Eraser Tool and we can erase all the mistakes. We can also use the Eraser Tool to make all highlights even more accurate.

Step 7 : So now we are done with the edit. There’s nothing left to be done. Apart from saving the image itself.

Completed Teeth Whitening

Above is a sample of the completed edit. As you can see in the image above. Now it looks more Clean!

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This Tutorial is also available to watch on YouTube.

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