PicsArt Editing Tools: PicsArt Stretch Tool | Stretch Tool Explained

PicsArt Stretch Tool is an Editing Tool in PicsArt which is used to stretch an image’s pixels to any desired direction.

Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this post. We will learn about the PicsArt Stretch Tool. We will how to use it?, What are the tools under the Stretch Tool and everything about the PicsArt Stretch Tool.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Logo

For this tutorial. I will be using the Tree below and I will stretch it, swirl it, inflate it, and almost everything. So let’s get started. By the way I found this image on Pexels.

A giant tree

PicsArt Stretch Tool

In order to start the PicsArt Stretch Tool, go to PicsArt>Tools>Stretch. There are a total of 7 dedicated tools for the Stretch Tool. These are Warp, Swirl CCW, Swirl CW, Squeeze, Inflate, Restore and the Brush Lock tool. So let’s get to know all of the mentioned tools. Let’s start with,

1. Warp

Warp means to bend or turn the original shape or size.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Warp

You can use this tool to stretch the Pixels of an Image. With the help of the Warp tool you can create few creative Edits like the Hair Spike! Where you can pull the hairs upwards to make it look like as if it’s spiked.

2. Swirl CCW

Swirl means to create a Swirl image by spinning the selected area of the image. CCW stands for Counter Clock Wise. Meaning the direction of the swirl would be the opposite to direction of the clock.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Swirl CCW

In order to use the swirl tool. All you have to do is tap on an area and watch it getting swirled.

3. Swirl CW

Opposite to the Swirl CCW. Swirl CW stands for Swirl Clock Wise.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Swirl CW

Swirl CW works the same way as the Swirl CCW but the opposite way. And even the procedure is the same. All you have to do is tap and hold for a moment. Or, until your eyes are satisfied.

4. Squeeze

Squeeze means to squeeze the selected area from all the directions.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Squeeze

When you tap on an area. You will notice that the centre of the image gets squeezed from all the directions. Head towards the Image above for a detailed view.

5. Inflat

Opposite to the Squeeze.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Inflate

Just what happens when you blow air into a balloon. When you tap and hold in an area of the image. You will notice the center to get bigger and bigger. Hence Inflate.

6. Restore

Restore tool will Undo everything, every changes you’ve made.

PicsArt Stretch Tool Restore

You can use this tool to restore the image exactly the way it was before. You can also use this tool to undo, if you have made any mistakes.

7. The Brush Lock

The Brush Lock Tool is used to lock a certain amount or area of an image so that you can work in peace of mind.

PicsArt Stretch Tool The Brush Lock

There are 2 more tool which makes the Brush Lock Tool work. The first is the “Brush” and the second is the “Eraser” tool. You basically have to make a selection of the areas which you don’t want to get affected by all the above mentioned tools. You can always Erase the unwanted areas.

Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Stretch Tool. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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Thank you very much for reading this post.

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