Smoke Effect in PicsArt

Smoke Effect in PicsArt

Smoke effect is an edit where a particular character is merged with smoke to create a smoke appearing/rising from his/her body. With the help of few smoke PNGs and an image of a Guy. You can merge the two images together and create a smoke effect, professionally.

Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Tutorial, I will be teaching you guyz, How to add a smoke effect in PicsArt. For this particular project. It’s obvious for you to know about Layers. A proper understanding of Layer Tool is what will help you learn this lesson effectively. To create a Smoke Effect in PicsArt, you will first have to:

Step 1. Choose an image for your project. For an enhanced look, make sure you choose a portrait image easy enough to change the background. Again, you will definitely have to work with Layers here. There’s no escape to this. Learn how to use the Layer Tool.

Guy With a Jacket

Get this image

Step 2. Now open the image in PicsArt.

Step 3. First, you will have to crop the character and save the image as a clip art. You can do this by using the Free Crop Tool.

Step 4. Now choose a tik tok and a clean background. You can create your own Background images with the help of PicsArt itself. Alternatively, you can visit to Stock Sites for some amazing background images.

Step 5. Create a new layer, an empty layer. In this particular layer. Bring down the cropped image. The image that we previously saved as a clip art.

PicsArt Adjusting Clipart

Step 6. You can now adjust the size of the clip art to meet your needs. You can also smoothen the edges using various types of brushes from which the smokes would rise.

Step 7. Next. Now all that you left to do is bring down the PNG images into this project. Let me just show you how.

Step 8. In order to add the smoke effect. You will need at least 3 different shapes of smokes in PNG format. Or maybe just 1. Well it all depends on your creativity.

Step 9. Now create a third empty layer.

Step 10. Now you can start adding the PNG images. You can also tilt, rotate, increase and decrease the size of the image.

PicsArt Adjusting PNG

You basically have to find the right size and place for your PNGs. By the way, I found my PNG images from Pinterest.

Get the PNG

Step 11. Once you are done adding all he PNGs. You will now have to “XOR” the layer. This will make the image go blank. Meaning an image without any pixel.

PicsArt Xor Layer

Step 12. Once you are ok with the look. You can now merge the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd layer altogether.

PicsArt Merge Layer

Step 13. Now you will have to create one more layer. One last empty layer. Make sure you drag this layer to the bottom. This will make it the background layer.

PicsArt Bottom Layer

Step 14. Now select the brush and also select the colour of the character using the colour picker and just brush along. You will have to add your own creativity in the “XOR’ed” area!

Keep doing this until you fond the right combination. Try to make it as much realistic as possible. Below is the Completed end result.

picsart smoke effect

Phew! This is by far the best tuto i’ve ever written. This post: Smoke Effect in PicsArt is one of my favourites.

I hope you liked reading this post. I also hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. And if you want to learn more, you can continue to read more about PicsArt in PicsArt Editing TutorialPicsArt Drawing TutorialPicsArt Editing Tools and PicsArt Drawing Tools.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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