PicsArt Drawing Tools: Shapes Tool | Shapes Tool in PicsArt Explained

Shapes Tool in PicsArt is a collection of ready made patterns to help you play with your creativity. Shapes Tool can be used for Drawing, making some funny pictures or even drawing few cool cartoons.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this post, PicsArt Drawing Tools: Shapes Tool. We will learn everything about the Shapes Tool in PicsArt.

Shapes Tool

PicsArt Shapes Tool

There are a total of 27 Different Shapes in PicsArt. These consists of common Shapes like Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon etc. And we also get to see few other tools such as Star, Flower, Lightning, Call-out, Love etc.

Properties of Shapes Tool

Apart from just the shapes itself. We also get few useful tools such as Size and Opacity. That’s not only it. We can also either Fill or Stroke our Shapes. Important for various purposes. Let us get to know more about the Four in Detail. Starting off with,

1. Size

PicsArt Shapes Tool Size

You can control the size of the Shapes by using this option. You get to start from 0 pixel and rise all the way up to 20 pixels. Remember! This option works only when you select “Stroke”.

You can basically control the size of the shapes by dragging the edges left to right or right to left or up and down or down and up. You can also rotate the Shapes by tapping and dragging the little button on the top right corner. It looks like a mini “Refresh” button.

2. Opacity

You can also control the Opacity of the Shapes too. Opacity helps you to control the transparency of the colours or the shapes. However you may understand.

You can set the Opacity right from 0% and then go up all the way up to 100%.

3. Fill

PicsArt Shapes Tool Fill and Stroke

Fill means to completely fill the inner portion of shapes like Square, Rectangle, Triangle etc. Once you set the option to”Fill”, you no longer get access to the “Size” option. Because you can adjust the size by dragging the edges of the shapes.

4. Stroke

Opposite to “Fill”. Stroke option is available for shapes like Square, Rectangle, Triangle etc only. Not actually only as you are restricted to just 2 out of 27.

Note: You can get more creative by using the Layer Tool.

Uses of the Shapes Tool

Shapes Tool can be used for various purposes. Such as Drawing, making some funny pictures or even drawing few cool cartoons. It all depends on one’s way to use the available tools, creatively. How about Drawing an Emoji? The last time I remember using these tools were for the Lightsaber.

PicsArt Lightsaber

I created a Neon Glowing Lightsaber using the Square Shape to build up the foundation and then i covered up the whole area using a Soft Brush. Later I Screened the Layers together. You can also learn how to create or draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber right here in Pixel Edit.

Well, this was all in this post. I hope you have learnt a lot by reading this post on PicsArt Shapes Tool. You can continue to learn more about PicsArt in PicsArt Editing Tools, PicsArt Editing Tutorial, PicsArt Drawing Tutorial.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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