PicsArt Shape Crop | How To use the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you learn How to use the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool. A Guide for beginners to learn how to use the Shape Crop Tool in PicsArt?

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What is PicsArt Shape Crop Tool?

Shape Crop Tool” in PicsArt is a Basic form of Cropping Tool which can be used to make quick Crops and create Transparent PNG images and or Stickers.

PicsArt Shape Crop Tool Shapes

Shape Crop Tool was intended towards creating easy Stickers which can later be used in other images.

There are a total of 43 Different Shapes available. This includes both Mathematical and Non-Mathematical Shapes such as Star, Lightning, Heart etc.

What are the adjustment options of the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool?

You get a total of 3 adjustment options for the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool. These are,

  • Size of the Shape
  • Colour, and
  • Size of the Border

Let is get to know more about each one of these options.

Coloured smoke

But before that, we will be using the image above for this project. It’s an image of a coloured smoke.

Size of the Shape

You can resize the Shape by just dragging the little arrow (<->).

Drag it to the right to increase the width of the Shape and vise versa. Drag it upwards to increase the height of the Shape, and vise versa. You can also drag it diagonally to increase or decrease the size evenly.

Once you are done adjusting the size, go ahead and tap on the arrow present on the top right corner to enter a new interface.


you can select your own choices of colours for the Border by just tapping on the already available colours.

PicsArt Shape Crop Tool Colours

Or, you can also select a custom colour by tapping on the Colour Wheel.

Size of the Border

You can also increase or decrease the size of the border by sliding the button to right or left.

PicsArt Shape Crop Tool Size

You can input a value of anywhere between 0-40. For the size of the Border.

How to use the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool?

In order to use the PicsArt Shape Crop Tool. Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open PicsArt with any of your image.

Step 2 : Go to Tools>Shape Crop.

Step 3 : Select the desired Shapes from the bottom preset and,

Step 4 : Do all the necessary adjustments such as Size, Colour etc. Just the way you’ve learnt by reading the articles above.

Step 5 : Tap on “save” to save your Shape Crop.

Below is a sample of the completed image processed after applying the Shape Crop.

Completed PicsArt Shape Crop Tool

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