PicsArt Puzzle Effect

PicsArt Puzzle Effect | How To create a Basic Puzzle Effect in PicsArt

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you create a PicsArt Puzzle Effect. Learn How To Create a Puzzle Effect in your images using PicsArt.

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What is PicsArt Puzzle Effect?

PicsArt Puzzle Effect is an Art created using PicsArt Photo Studio.

With the help of two images, one as an original image and the other as a puzzle Effect on top.

You can then blend the images together with the use of PicsArt Layer Tool.

How To Create a Puzzle Effect in PicsArt?

Step 1 : Select two images for your project.

The first one would be a model of, say a Man, Woman etc. You can choose to use any image of your choice.

Beautiful Girl Face

Step 2 : For the second image. You will definitely need an image of a Puzzle Board. A blank, white and clean puzzle board.

Puzzle Board

The image above is of a white puzzle board. We will be using only the puzzle board and not the whole image.

Step 3 : Open the image of the Lady in PicsArt and go to Draw>Draw>Add Photo>Puzzle Board.

Step 4 : You may now do all the necessary adjustments according to your needs.

Picsart puzzle Effect layers

You can do lot’s of adjustments to your image such as Erase, Brush, Crop etc. You are free to adjust according to your needs.

Once you are done adjusting your images. We can now move ahead and Multiply the Layers together.

To do this. Go to Layers>Blending Modes>Multiply. A job well done.

PicsArt Layer Tool Properties

Step 5 : Now we have both of our Images multiplied together and now it looks totally real.

If you think it’s okay with the look, you can save your project. Or, you can add more stuffs such as Clipart, Texts etc.

Below is a sample of the completed image.

PicsArt Puzzle Effect


If you’ve understood the process of creating a puzzle effect in PicsArt. You might now wonder if you could move the puzzle pieces.

PicsArt Advanced Puzzle Effect

Above is an image of the same. An amazing puzzle effect created using PicsArt. As you can in the image above. The pieces are disconnected with the actual puzzle board.

It’s a complex way of getting creative in PicsArt. You might want to learn how to create an Advanced Puzzle Effect like the ones above all by using PicsArt Photo Studio.

Learn: How to create an Advanced Puzzle Effect in PicsArt?

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