PicsArt Puzzle Effect

PicsArt Editing: PicsArt Puzzle Effect | PicsArt Blending Tutorial

Blending is a form of combining Two Images in a creative manner to create a Masterpiece. Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tutorial, PicsArt Puzzle Effect. We will learn how to create a Puzzle Effect in our images using PicsArt. This is going to be a basic form of Edit as our primary intend is to learn the “Multiply” Option. Which is one of the Blending Tools available in PicsArt. And not only in PicsArt. Almost all the other image editing applications include blending tools.

So let’s get to more about the Puzzle Effect. We will basically turn a regular image into a completed Puzzle Board.

Let’s learn how. But before that, make sure to learn about the Layer Tool.

Step 1. Select two images for your project. The first one would be a model of, say a Man, Woman etc. You can choose to use any image of your choice. The one I used is an image of a Beautiful Lady from Pexels.

Beautiful Girl Face

Get the image.

Step 2. For the second image. You will definitely need an image of a Puzzle Board. A blank, white and clean puzzle board. This is also available in Pexels. Remember, the original image from Pexels is a little dark and dull. This probably affects our project because it make the image look dark and dull. So what I did is, I brightened up the Puzzle Board.

Puzzle Board

Get the Image

Step 3. Now first open the image of the Lady. Move on to the blank layer at the top and go to Add Photo > Puzzle Board.

Step 4. We can move ahead and set the perfect spot for the puzzle to rest. As you can see in the image above (puzzle board). It’s quite small compared with the First Image. You’ll have to do a lot of adjustments.

Step 4. Once you are done adjusting your images. We can now move ahead and Multiply the Layers together. To do this. Go to Layers>Layer Properties> Multiply. A job well done.

PicsArt Layer Tool Properties

Step 5. Now we have both of our Images multiplied together and now it looks totally real. If you think it’s okay with the look, you can save your project. Or, you can add more stuffs such as Clipart, Texts etc.

Below is a sample of the completed image.

PicsArt Puzzle Effect

I hope you liked reading this post. I hope this tutorial PicsArt Puzzle Effect to be the one you were looking for. You can continue to learn more about PicsArt here in Pixel Edit. You can learn about PicsArt Editing Tutorial, PicsArt Editing Tool and PicsArt Drawing Tutorial.

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You can also watch this tutorial on YouTube. Thank You.

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