PicsArt Perspective Tool | How To use the Perspctive Tool in PicsArt

PicsArt Perspective Tool is an Editing Tool in PicsArt which enables you to stretch and or pull the sides of the image evenly.

Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tools Tutorial. We will learn about the PicsArt Perspective Tool. We will learn how to use the Perspective Tool and we will also learn about the uses of the perspective tool.

Bank of Baroda Card Cover

For this particular tutorial, I will be using the image above. It’s an image of a Debit Card Cover. As you can see in the image above. The picture was captured in portrait with the Card Cover which isn’t centered. Perfect for this tutorial.

In order to start the PicsArt Perspective Tool, go to PicsArt> Tools>Perspective. The interface changes. You will now get to see two perspective directions in the bottom. And right above that, you’ll get to see a long horizontal line of many vertical lines. Refer to the Image above for more information. Let’s call it Dial, for easier understanding.

Horizontal Dial

The horizontal dial can be used to make adjustments sidewise. Meaning Left to Right or vise versa.

PicsArt Perspective Tool Horizontal Dial

In order to use the Horizontal Dial or adjust the perspective Left or Right. All you have to do is Slide the Dial from Left to Right or vise versa.

Vertical Dial

The Vertical Dial can be used to make adjustments vertically. Meaning Up and Down.

PicsArt Perspective Tool Vertical Dial

The image for this tutorial requires Vertical Adjustments due to it’s nature. As you can see in the image. The Card Cover needs to be stretched from the top.

The process of using the Vertical dial is the same as mentioned above.

Below is an image of the completed edit. As you can see in the image above. The Card Cover is now perfectly aligned to the Center.

Edited Bank of Baroda Card Cover

Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Perspective Tool. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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Thank you very much for reading this post.

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