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How To Draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber in PicsArt | Tutorial

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you Draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber in PicsArt. Learn How To Draw a PicsArt Lightsaber.

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What is PicsArt Lightsaber?

PicsArt Lightsaber” is an Art created or Drawn in PicsArt.

PicsArt Lightsaber is a Transparent PNG image which can be used hassle free in any of your other projects.

How to Draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber in PicsArt?

We can Draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber in PicsArt, just the way we see in the movies by using the PicsArt Layer Tool and the Brush Tool.

In order to draw a Neon Glowing Lightsaber in PicsArt, follow the Step by Step Instructions provided below.

Step 1 : So for this project. You don’t need any kind of image but you can obviously visit Google Images for some great ideas.

Step 2 : Open PicsArt and select Draw. The interface changes.

PicsArt Glowing Lightsaber Draw

Step 3 : Since we are making only the Lightsaber and not the whole image thing.

PicsArt Glowing Lightsaber Layer

Hence we need to delete the Layer below. We will have to delete the bottom background Layer.

We will be working on an Empty Layer.

Step 4 : Now we can start the drawing process.

We will first have to design the handle or the grip of the Lightsaber. We can do this by using different types of shapes already present in PicsArt.

Drawing of the Lightsaber Handle

You may use Square Shapes, Triangular, Circular etc. You can also stretch, tilt etc. to your shapes.

Step 5 : And for the colours. I would like to leave it all on you because I believe you’ve got your own imaginations.

Lightsaber Handle coloured

Just pick the colour you like and design it your way.

Step 6 : Now that we have our handle completed. We can now move ahead with the project.

Lightsaber Effective area

We can use the same process above for the effective area. Let’s get to know it in even more detail.

Step 7 : Create a new Empty Layer and fill up the Effective area in White.

This is because White is the colour which would make it glow just like a light.

Lightsaber Effective area covered in white

Refer to the image above for more information.

Step 8 : Once you are done filling up the effective area. You may move ahead and create a new empty Layer.

Lightsaber effective area covered in Blue

You will have to cover up or mask the whole Effective area with a Soft Brush and a Bright Colour.

Refer to the image above for further information.

As you can see in the image above, I covered up the whole Effective area with Sky Blue Colour.

You can also choose Colours like Bright Red or even Bright Purple or Pink. Just get creative with it.

Step 9 : Once you are completed masking the effective area, you can now change the Blending Mode to “Screen”.

Note: Do this in the second Layer. The Layer which we used to mask the “White Effective Area” with “Blue”.

PicsArt Lightsaber

Because of the “white colour below” and the “bright colour above”. We can enjoy a Lightsaber all through the help of PicsArt Layer. Above is a sample of the completed project.

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Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Neon Lightsaber. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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