PicsArt Lens Flare | How To Use the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you use the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool. Learn How To add “Lens Flare” to your images in PicsArt.

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What is PicsArt Lens Flare Tool?

PicsArt Lens Flare” is an Editing Tool in PicsArt Photo Studio which works as a “Layer” or a “Mask” on top of a particular image.

PicsArt Lens Flare Designs

Lens Flare consists of Lights spreading due to reflection of Lights itself, when interacted with the Camera Lens.

PicsArt has around 57 Different designs of Lens Flare which are all very useful and easy to use.

Refer to the image above for more information.

What are the adjustments of the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool?

There are a total of four different settings or adjustments for the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool.

This includes Hue, Opacity, Size and you also get Blending Options too.

Let us get to know more about every option mentioned above in the paragraphs below.

a scenery

We will be using the image above for this project. It’s an image of brown grass in golden hour.


Hue means Colours (in easy words) a combination of colours which can be easily adjusted by sliding the button to the right or left side.

PicsArt Lens Flare Hue

As you go further, you’ll notice that the colour changes even more.

If you are not sure where to start. You can skip this option.


PicsArt Lens Flare Opacity

You can control the transparency of the Lens Flare by using the “Opacity” option. The procedure of using this tool is exactly the same as for the “Hue”.


You can use the “Blend” option to blend the “Lens Flare” with the image in 3 different modes.

PicsArt Lens Flare Opacity

It’s just like the Layer Tool. But there’s a little difference in the two. With the Layer Tool, you get 7 Different modes. Where as on the Lens Flare, you get only 3.


You can also adjust the size of the Lens Flare in two different ways. By using two resize options.

One is used to “Increase” the size, while the other one is used to “Lengthen” the Lens Flare.

Refer to the image below for more information.

PicsArt Lens Flare Controls

As you can see in the image above, there are four visible options on the screen. Let’s get to know each one of them in detail.

(a) The cross (×) marked option is to delete or remove the selected Lens Flare.

(b) The two pointed arrow (<->) can be used to increase or decrease the whole size of the Lens Flare.

(c) The two (O) and (O) can be used interchangeably to lengthen or shorten the Lens Flare. You can also use this tool interchangeably to rotate and or change the direction of the Lens Flare.

How To Use the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool?

In order to use the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool. Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open your image in PicsArt.

Step 2 : Slide the bottom toolbar to the left and select “Lens Flare”.

Step 3 : Select the desired Lens Flare and,

Step 4 : Do all the necessary adjustments as you learnt by reading the article above.

Step 5 : Save your project by tapping on the top right check mark (√).

Use (s) of the PicsArt Lens Flare Tool

The Lens Flare can be used to create few real amazing edits. Such as one provided below.

A scenery with added lens flare

As you can see in the image above. The image now looks much more complete after applying the Lens Flare.

Source (s)


Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Lens Flare. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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