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PicsArt Layer Tool | How to use Layers in PicsArt | Tutorial

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you Edit or Draw on PicsArt by using Layers. Learn How To use the PicsArt Layer Tool.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this Article, “PicsArt Layer Tool“. We will learn,

What is the PicsArt Layer Tool?

The PicsArt Layer Tool allows you to create multiple images (Layers) within a single image. The PicsArt Layer Tool works by making additional Layers on top of the original image. Thus, giving you full control over you creativity.

PicsArt Layer Tool

So for example: I have an image of me myself and now i have created a new blank “Empty Layer”. So everything that i do on the “Empty Layer” won’t affect the image at the bottom.

Apart from just the background image itself (the original image). With the help of PicsArt, You can create as much as 9 extra Layers.

That might be and might not be sufficient depending on the user. But there’s a way to escape this limitation and that is through Merging the completed Layers all together.

How to use the PicsArt Layer Tool?

The Layer Tool cannot function in it’s own. You will need additional Tools (options) to actually use the Layers Tool itself.

There are options like Camera Brush, Merge, Transform etc. These options allows you to fully control and edit each Layers individually.

Let us dig deeper into the Layer Tool and find out about all the Layer Tool Options.

1. The Layer Menu

The Layer Menu is present on the top left side with a “+” icon.

PicsArt Layer options

There are Four options present in the Layer Menu. These are,

(a) Empty Layer : You can use the “Empty Layer” option to create multiple empty Layers. The limit is set to 9.

(b) Photo Layer : Instead of creating just an Empty Layer. You can use the “Photo Layer” option to create a Photo Layer. Which means, you can add another image on top of the original image.

(c) Camera Layer : Similar to the Photo Layer. You can use the “Camera Layer” option to directly click a Photograph using your Smartphone or Tablet’s camera. Later, you can use the Photo as a Layer.

(d) Camera Brush : The “Camera Brush” option works by creating a Camera Layer as a secondary Layer. The Camera Brush Layer sits behind the original Layer. Only visible when you start brushing over the original image.

2. Delete Option

The “Delete Option” allows you to Remove or Delete the selected Layer.

The Delete Option is present in the center which looks like a dustbin.

3. Layer Properties

The “Layer Properties” (present on the top right corner with three horizontal dots). You’ll get Four more options to control or adjust the Layers.

PicsArt Layer Controls

These are:

(a) Transform : “Transform” option allows you to Adjust the size and the position of the Layer.

You can either Increase or Decrease the size of the Layer or vise versa.

(b) Copy : The “Copy” option allows you to duplicate the current Layer. This, creating a duplicate copied Layer.

(c) Merge : “Merge” option enables you to Join or Combine two Layers to form one Layer.

(d) Clear : The “Clear” option allows you to erase all of the changes you’ve made.

4. Layer Blending Options

The “Layer Blending Option” contains 8 Blending Modes (including Normal).

You can use the Blending Modes to blend the Layers to fuse together in various modes.

PicsArt Layer Properties

The Blending Modes are:

(a) Normal : The original form of your image.

(b) Multiply : The “Multiply” option blends two Layers in a combined manner.

PicsArt Blend Mode Multiply

Generally throwing the foreground to the background and pulling up the highlighted parts from the background to the foreground.

(c) Lighten : The “Lighten” option will help you to lighten the Layer and make it soft so that the light may pass through.

PicsArt Blend Mode Lighten

(d) Darken : “Darken” option will make the “Light” areas transparent and will try to mix the “Darker” areas with the image below (layer below).

PicsArt Blend Mode Darken

(e) Screen : The “Screen” option makes the Layer transparent so that you may see through.

PicsArt Blend Mode Screen

You can use the Screen Option to create a “Neon Glowing Lightsaber”. Or a Lighting Effect.

(f) Xor : The “Xor” option eliminates all the highlighted pixels (areas) from the current Layer, in the bottom Layer.

PicsArt Blend Mode Xor

For Example: Drawing an alphabet “A” on top of an image in a blank empty Layer will result in an “A” shaped hole in the image.

(g) Add : The “Add” option tries to merge the two Layers with the help of Dark and Light pixels.

PicsArt Blend Mode Add

(h) Overlay : “Overlay” option lightens the Lighter pixels and Darkens the darker pixels. Later Screen’s the layer to make it transparent.

PicsArt Blend Mode Overlay

5. Bucket Tool

Now we have the Bucket Tool to help us fill the Layer completely with a colour.

6. Opacity

Lastly we have the Tool to adjust the transparency or the opacity of the layer.

PicsArt Layer Tool Opacity

If you are still having difficulties in getting started with the PicsArt Layer Tool. Follow the Steps provided below,

Step 1 : Open PicsArt Photo Studio.

Step 2 : Go to PicsArt>Draw>Layers. The Layer Tool is present on the bottom right corner.

Step 3 : Start using the Layer Tool as you understood by reading the Articles above.

Uses of the PicsArt Layer Tool

The Layer Tool can be used is numerous ways to get creative.

The Layer Tool can be used to Draw, Highlight, Blend, Edit etc. The Layers can also be used to create creative arts such as a Neon Glowing Effect, Tree under a Bulb, Double Exposure etc.

Neon Glowing Effect

The Neon Glowing Effect in PicsArt can be achieved by highlighting the desired areas in “White”. Later masking the colour “White” with any other bright colour such as Red, Green, Blue etc.

PicsArt Glow

You can then change the Blending Mode into “Screen”. The end result is as beautiful as the Image above.

Learn: How to create a Glowing Effect in PicsArt?

Tree Under a Bulb

By using other Editing Tools such as Eraser Tool along with the Layer Tool. I was able to create this masterpiece.

Creative PicsArt Editing

I used an Image of a “Tree with a bright sun” on top of an image of a “Light Bulb”. I created few duplicate copies which I later blended all together.

Post Blending, I started erasing all unnecessary areas using the PicsArt Eraser Tool.

Learn: How to create a Tree under a Bulb Effect in PicsArt?

Double Exposure

A beautiful Art created with the help of Layers and Eraser Tool.

Creative PicsArt Editing

Double Exposure is an Art created by using two different images. Not by using any kind of Blending Modes, but by using the Eraser Tool.

Learn: How To create a Double Exposure Effect in PicsArt?



Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Layer Tool. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

And if you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You may continue to read and learn more through the following links provided below.

Thank you very much for reading this Tutorial!

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