PicsArt Glow Light Effect

PicsArt Editing: Glow Light Effect | PicsArt Glow Light Effect Tutorial

Neon Effect can be brought to your images with the help of the Layer Tool and few colours. With “Red” (or any colour) being the Highlight and “White” being the glow underneath the image. When “Screened” together, the White rises upwards and the Red starts to glow.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tutorial, I’m gonna be teaching you guyz how to add a Glow Light effect in PicsArt. It’s just like the one you get to see in the movies. Just like Light Saber, Glowing Superman Eyes or more commonly it’s known as a Neon Glow. So let’s get to know How to create, PicsArt Glow Light Effect.

Step 1. First decide if you want to add just a Glow to your image or if you would want to get creative like adding a Light Saber etc. Me, I will just be adding a glow in this guy’s shoe. I got this image from Pexels. As you can see. The guy is wearing an Adidas Shoe with a perfect 3 Stripes. So i will basically try to glow the Stripes and the Sole too.White Adidas Shoe
Step 2. Open the image in PicsArt.
Step 3. Now slide the toolbar to the left and select Draw Tool>Draw.
Step 4. Now we have our drawing interface in front of us. If you are regular with Photoshop, Sketchbook, PicsArt itself etc. Or, If you really want to learn How to add a Glow Light Effect in PicsArt?, You should be very familiar with all the controls and Editing Tools. Primarily with the “Layers”, as this project won’t be completed without the proper knowledge of the Layer Tool.
Just a little short description here: The layer tool or the layer itself. It works as a sheet on top of the image. Say for example: You have an image with 2 layers and now you are on the top layer. So if you make changes to this layer, the bottom image won’t be affected because it’s on the second layer. Learn more about the Layer Tool.
Step 5. Now create a second Layer by tapping on the layer icon. Make sure to create a new Empty Layer.PicsArt New Layer

Step 6. On the Empty Layer, tap on the Shapes icon if you want to add an already available design. If not. You can obviously create your own designs. You can add Texts, Shapes, Arts and etc and etc. Me, I used the brush tool to highlight the areas in white.PicsArt Glow Selection

As you can see, I selected only the areas which are marked with white. The sole and the symbol of Adidas.
Note: You need to make the highlight in “White Colour”. That is how you’re gonna get a bright light.
Step 7. Now head on to the Layers and create a third empty layer.
Step 8. Now on this new layer. You will have to paint again. But with a different brush to give it a Glow Effect. So from left to right, I chose the one in number 7.
As you can see in the image below. I covered up the whole selected image of the second layer in the Current layer. This is obviously the third layer. But make sure to use a bright colour and a Soft Brush.PicsArt Glow Cover up

Step 9. Now all you left to do is Screen the third layer and you’re good to go. Screening the third layer will make it transparent and the white colour from the Second Layer will pop out. Now because we used a Soft Brush in the third Layer. So it looks like as if there a light in there.PicsArt Glow Selection

Those are all that you need to do in order to add that PicsArt Glow Effect. There is a dedicated tool to help you with the Dispersion Effect but no dedicated tool to help you do this. You will yourself have to be creative with all the available tools. Below is a sample of the completed image.

PicsArt Glow Light Effect

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As usual. I hope you liked reading this post. I hope this tutorial, PicsArt Glow Light Effect to be the one you were looking for. And if you have any more questions. Feel free to comment down below. And if you want to learn more, you can continue to read more about PicsArt in PicsArt Editing TutorialPicsArt Drawing TutorialPicsArt Editing Tools and PicsArt Drawing Tools.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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