PicsArt Glow Light Effect

PicsArt Glow Effect | How To Create a Glow Light Effect in PicsArt | Tutorial

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you create a PicsArt Glow Effect. Simply, A Neon Glowing Effect in PicsArt.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this Article, “PicsArt Glow Effect“. We will learn,

What is PicsArt Glow Effect?

PicsArt Glow Effect is an Art where an image is lit with the help of PicsArt Brush Tool and PicsArt Layer Tool.

For example: Lighting up a streetlight or even creating a Glowing Lightsaber etc.

How To create a Neon Glowing Effect in PicsArt?

A Glow Effect can be brought to your images with the help of the Layer Tool, Brush Tool and a few colours.

With “Red” (or any colour) being the Highlight and “White” being the glow underneath the highlight.

When “Screened” together, the White rises upwards and the Red starts to shine, creating a glow Effect.

In order to create a glowing Effect in PicsArt. Follow the Step by Step Instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Choose an image for your project.

Adidas shoes

The image above is of a person wearing black Adidas Shoe with white strips.

We will be creating a Glowing Effect into the white stripes.
Step 2 : Open the image in PicsArt.
Step 3 : Slide the Toolbar to the left and select Draw>Draw. The interface changes.
Now we have our Drawing interface in front of us.

PicsArt Glow Effect Drawing Interface

If you are regular to Photoshop, Sketchbook or PicsArt itself. You should be very familiar with all the options and Editing Tools.

Primarily with the “Layers”, as this project won’t be completed without the proper knowledge of the Layer Tool.

Step 4 : By default. PicsArt creates a blank empty Layer on top of the original image.PicsArt New Layer

Step 5 : On the Empty Layer, tap on the Shapes icon if you want to add an already available design.

If not? You can obviously create your own designs. You can add Texts, Shapes, Arts etc.

PicsArt Glow Selection
On my side, I used the Brush Tool to highlight the areas in “white“. Refer to the image provided above for more information.
Note: You need to make the highlight in “White Colour”. That is how you’re gonna get a bright light.

Step 6 : Create a Second Empty Layer.

Step 7 : On the new Layer. You will have to mask the highlighted areas with any bright colour of your choice.PicsArt Glow Cover up

As you can see in the image above. I covered up the whole highlighted areas in “Red”.

Step 8 : Once you are done masking all the highlighted areas, move ahead to the blending modes and select “Screen”.PicsArt Glow Selection

“Screen” Option makes the masked Layer transparent allowing light to pass through. Which is why the inner color (the white colour) starts to look like as if it’s glowing.

Below is a sample of the end result.

PicsArt Glow Light Effect

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Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Glow Effect. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

If you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You can read and learn more through the following links provided below.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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