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PicsArt Free Crop Tool | How To Use Free Crop Tool in PicsArt | Tutorial

A Step by Step guide to help you learn How To use the “Free Crop” Tool in PicsArt.

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What is PicsArt Free Crop Tool?

Free Crop Tool in PicsArt is an Editing Tool that allows you to crop an image without any kind of fixed edges.

Meaning, you can crop yourself out of your family photo.

With the help of Free Crop Tool. You can select and crop only the desired areas and save it as a Clipart. Later you can use this Clipart in another image.

How To use the PicsArt Free Crop Tool?

In order to get started with the Free Crop Tool, go to Tools>Free Crop Tool. (the interface changes)

You will no longer see any kind of other Tools such as Mask, Filters, Text etc. But what you’ll see is The Brush Tool, Eraser Tool, Portrait Tool, and the other Selection Tool.

Here is a brief explanation and guide to help you understand all of the Tools mentioned above.

1. Brush Tool

PicsArt Free Crop Tool Brush

The Brush Tool enables you to highlight the areas which you would want to crop.

If you tap on the tiny little arrow, present on the right bottom. You will also be capable of adjusting the size of the Brush.

By adjusting the size of the Brush frequently will enable you to make complex selections.

2. Eraser Tool

PicsArt Free Crop Tool Eraser

In case you’ve made any mistakes. You can Erase those Selections by using the PicsArt Eraser Tool.

Just like the Brush Tool above. You can also adjust the size of the Eraser Brush.

The Eraser Tool can also be used as a substitute while making complex selections.

3. Portrait Tool

PicsArt Free Crop Tool Completed Image

The “Portrait Tool” allows you to make quick Portrait Selection.

With the help of Portrait Tool. You can quickly select the image with just a single tap.

Note: The recent update (version 9.37.3 / Android) is forcing the Portrait Tool to crash.

4. Lasso Tool

PicsArt Free Crop Tool Lasso

The Lasso Tool allows you to make huge Selections with ease.

By Drawing an outline over your image will result in the Selection of the inner area.

If you are still having difficulties in getting started with the PicsArt Free Crop Tool. Follow the Step by Step Instructions provided below,

Step 1: Open PicsArt.

Step 2: Go to PicsArt>Tools>Free Crop.

Step 3: Highlight the areas which you would want to crop by brushing over the image.

Note: The Highlighted areas are marked in “Red”.

Step 4: Or, make a selection of your choice by using any other Tools as you’ve understood by reading the articles above.

Step 5: Tap on the arrow present on the top right corner to get a preview of your selection.

Step 6: Once satisfied. Tap on “Save” to save your Selection. Your image will be saved as a Clipart. Refer to the image provided below.

PicsArt Free Crop Tool My Sticker

Uses of the PicsArt Free Crop Tool

Since the Free Crop Tool can be used to crop only the desired areas. Therefore the Free Crop Tool has many uses. Such as,

1. Changing Background Image.

How To change Image Background in PicsArt

If you are uncomfortable with the background of your images. You may use the PicsArt Free Crop Tool to change the background.

Learn: How To Change Image Background in PicsArt?

2. Making Transparent Cliparts.

Making a Clipart in PicsArt

By erasing all the unwanted areas. Or, by cutting out only the desired areas. You can plenty of your own Transparent PNG Images or Clipart.

Learn: How To create a Transparent PNG Image in PicsArt?

Problem (s)

The only problem that i feel is that the “Clear” button present on the bottom right.

It really hurts a lot when you accidentally tap on it and the whole hard work goes waste. You cannot even UNDO the mistake. Maybe PicsArt should look at this tiny little nail.

Source (s)

Image 1: Portrait of a Man.

App: PicsArt Photo Studio


Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Free Crop Tool. I hope this tutorial to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

If you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You can read and learn more through the following links provided below.

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