How To Change Eye Colour in PicsArt | PicsArt Editing Tutorial

A Step by Step tutorial to help you learn How To Change the Eye Colour in PicsArt with the help of PicsArt Beautify Tool.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this article, “Change Eye Colour in PicsArt“. We will learn,

  • What is meant by “Changing an Eye Colour in PicsArt“? And,
  • How To Change Eye Colour in PicsArt?

What is meant by “Changing an Eye Colour in PicsArt”?

“Changing an Eye Colour” is a part of basic image editing where you can basically change or add extra colour to an Eye in an image.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Beautify Tool

With the help of PicsArt Photo Studio. You can change the colour of your Eye into 24 different styles. Which are all digital styles.

How To Change Eye Colour in PicsArt?

In order to “Change Eye Colour in PicsArt“. Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Man in green shirt

But before that. Above is an image of a Man in Green Shirt. We will be using the image above to demonstrate the end results.

Step 1 : Open your image in PicsArt.

Step 2 : Select “Beautify Tool” and tap on “Eye Colour”. The interface changes.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour

Step 3 : Tap on any area of the image apart from the eyes and zoom into your image. Towards the face, probay.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Zoom In

Step 4 : Now you can tap on the two little circles on top of the image’s eye and you can adjust them. Such as, The size of the circle. You can do so by tapping into the circle and pinching in and out.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Adjusting the Eye

Step 5 : Now select any desired Eye Colour from the bottom preset and you can do additional adjustments such as Opacity and the Hue of the new design.

Step 6 : Once you are ok with the position and look of the eye. You may now move ahead and tap on the Eraser Tool which is present on the top menu bar. In the center. The interface changes.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Eraser Tool

Step 7 : Tap on the Eraser icon again. This time at the bottom toolbar and do all the necessary adjustments such as Size, Opacity and Hardness of the Eraser Brush.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Eraser Adjustments

Step 8 : Gently start erasing all the unwanted areas by brushing over the eye. Refer to the image below for more information.

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Erasing

Step 9 : So now that we are done with our project. You may now save your progress by tapping on the top right check mark (✓).

PicsArt Change Eye Colour Completed

Above is an image of a man in green shirt processed after applying the “Eye Colour in PicsArt“.

View full sized image

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