PicsArt Drawing Tools

Learn How To use all the PicsArt Drawing Tools. Such as the Paint Tool, Brush Tool, Eraser Tool, Shapes Tool and all the other Tools in PicsArt which is can be used to Draw. Pixel Edit contains guides for all types of readers. From Beginners to Intermediate, and even professionals.

PicsArt, apart from just editing pictures or images. PicsArt can also be used to draw few cool amazing drawings. Which can later be upgraded with the help of the Layers Tool. Let’s get to know more about the PicsArt Drawing Tool.

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Shapes Tool

Shapes Tool in PicsArt is a collection of ready made patterns to help you play with your creativity. There are a total of 27 Different Shapes in PicsArt. These consists of common Shapes like Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon etc. Learn more about the Shapes Tool