PicsArt Double Exposure

PicsArt Editing: Double Exposure | PicsArt Double Exposure Tutorial

Double Exposure is a type of image where 2 images are set one above the other using the Layers Tool. Most editors like to add a Tree or a Forest in the hair. Typically of a women. We’re gonna do the same but without the Tree. We will be using a Ship for this edit.

Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this tutorial, PicsArt Double Exposure. I will teach you how you can use 2 Images to blend together and create 1 masterpiece. All through the Eraser Tool available in PicsArt.

So for this particular project. I will be using the image of the women below. As well as the image of a Ship. Both the images are from Pexels.

Step 1. So first up. Download the images and prepare for the edit.

Step 2. Open the images in PicsArt. First, open the image of the women because she will be the main character. We will be adding the Ship at a later stage.

Beautiful Girl Hair

Get the Image

Step 3. Tap on Draw>Draw. Now we’re back to the Drawing Interface.

Step 4. Now what we need to do is. Tap on the Layer icon and select the Background Layer. So by default, PicsArt set’s a Blank Empty Layer on top. So you will first have to delete it, probably.

Step 5. Now on this Layer. You will first have to Lower the Opacity so that you can see through the image.

PicsArt Lower Opacity

Step 6. Now you can start creating a new Layer. A new Blank Empty Layer on top. Now drag this empty layer to the bottom and make it the background layer. This is because the ship will be on the backside of our character.

Step 7. On this particular Layer. You can now bring down the image of the Ship.


Get the Image

Step 8. So now you can start arranging the Ship to find the right angle and location. You can also tilt the image if you need to.

Step 9. Once you have found the right location and the right size. So now you can move ahead and increase the opacity of the original character. Make sure you increase it to full.

PicsArt Adjusting Image

Step 10. Now tap on the Eraser Tool and according to the scene. You can select different types of Brushes and Different types of Shapes too.

Step 11. Gently start erasing the layer. You will notice how easy it is and how beautiful it makes it look. So what happens is that. Once you start to erase the above layer, the bottom layer comes to show. And this is what a double exposure actually means.

PicsArt Layer Erase

By the way here is the completed image below. It was a great project and i had a great fun in editing this project. As well as the project also went very well. You can also try the same. And if you have any more questions, feel free to comment down below. Here is the PicsArt Double Exposure result.

PicsArt Double Exposure

I hope you liked reading this post. I hope this tutorial, PicsArt Double Exposure to be the one you were looking for. And if you want to learn more, you can continue to read more about PicsArt in PicsArt Editing TutorialPicsArt Drawing TutorialPicsArt Editing Tools and PicsArt Drawing Tools.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

This Tutorial is also available to watch for free on YouTube.

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