PicsArt Cracked Glass effect

PicsArt Cracked Glass | How To Create a Broken Glass Effect in PicsArt

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you learn How To Create a Broken or Cracked Glass Effect in PicsArt.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this article, “PicsArt Cracked Glass Effect“. We will learn,

What is PicsArt Cracked Glass Effect?

PicsArt Broken or Cracked Glass Effect is an art where a “Cracked Image” is blended with a Glass or any other image to create a Broken or a Cracked Effect.

How to Create a Broken or Cracked Glass Effect in PicsArt?

In this project. We will be adding a Cracked Glass Effect in the Guy’s Spectacles.

We will try to mimic a real like crack in the left spectacle.

In order to create a Broken or Cracked Glass Effect in PicsArt, Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below,

Step 1 : Choose an image for your project.

Image above is of a Man with Spectacles. But you may choose any image of your choice

You can also create a Cracked Wallpapers by using the same method discussed in this article.
Step 2 : Open the image in PicsArt.

Before moving on to the edit. You can do all the little adjustments such as Crop, Effects, Mask etc. Try not to overdo anything. Try to keep it as simple as possible.
Step 3 : Go to Add Photos and add the cracked Image.

Since the Cracked Image isn’t a PNG Image. Hence we will have to change the Blending Modes and try to figure out which works the best.

In my case. I went with “Screen”. Because it just makes it look simple. Refer to the image below for more information.

Step 4 : You can now find the right location, angle, size for you cracked image.

And once you are okay with the look. You can now use the other Editing Tools such as the Eraser Tool to erase all the unnecessary areas and make your Edit look clean.

Step 5. Tap on the top right arrow to Save your work.

Below is a sample of the completed edit. PicsArt Completed Image

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If you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You can read and learn more through the following links provided below.

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