PicsArt Clone Tool | How To Use the Clone Tool in PicsArt

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you learn How To Use the PicsArt Clone Tool. An easy to learn guide for beginners.

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What is PicsArt Clone Tool?

PicsArt Clone Tool” is an Editing Tool in PicsArt which “replicates” and or “copies” the selected pixels.

PicsArt Clone Tool can be used to make quick copies of a selected area. All you have to do is highlight the desired area by using the Brush Tool.

PicsArt Clone Tool Interface

Clone Tool can also be used to erase all the unwanted objects or people in an image. You can do this by replicating the surroundings.

Clone Tool can also be used to make quick copies without using any other tool or moving to another window.

What are the editing tools under PicsArt Clone Tool?

You get a total of 4 additional tools under the “Clone Tool” itself. These are the “Pointer”, the “Brush“, “Eraser” and the “Clear” option.

Let’s get to each one of these tools deeply in the paragraphs provided below.

A cute puppy

But before that, above is an image of a cute puppy in a cup with red dots.

We will remove the red dot in the tub. Actually we will remove only 1 dot. Just to teach you how it’s done.


The pointer is used to to select a portion of an image, which will later be copied in another portion of the image.

PicsArt Clone Tool Pointer

All you have to do is tap on the pointer and select the area which you would like to replicate.

You can adjust the size of the pointer by using the brush tool, more on this below.


The “Brush Tool” under PicsArt Clone Tool is used to Increase or Decrease the size of the pointer.

PicsArt Clone Tool Brush

You can also Increase or Decrease the Opacity and the hardness of the brush. All you have to do is slide the button either to your left or right.


The “Eraser Tool” under the PicsArt Clone Tool can be used to erase all the areas which were copied (cloned) by mistake.

PicsArt Clone Tool Eraser

You can also adjust the Size, Opacity and Hardness of the Eraser. Or, there’s a shortcut to this. You can simply tap on the “Clear” option to completely erase all the changes made by you.

Below is an image processed after applying the PicsArt Clone Tool.

PicsArt Clone Tool Editing

How To Use the PicsArt Clone Tool?

In order to use the PicsArt Clone Tool. Follow the Step by Step Instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open your image in PicsArt.

Step 2 : Go to Tools>Clone.

Step 3 : Highlight an area by tapping on the image.

Step 4 : Or, do few adjustments such as Size, Opacity etc. Just the way you’ve learnt by reading the articles above.

Step 5 : Brush on the other part of the image to clone the selected areas.

Step 6 : Tap on the top right check mark (✓) to save your edit.

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