How To Change Skin Tone in PicsArt | PicsArt Editing Tutorial

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you learn “How To Change Skin Tone” in “PicsArt Photo Studio” with the help of PicsArt Beautify Tool.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this article, “Change Skin Tone in PicsArt“. We will learn,

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  • How To Change Skin Tone in PicsArt?

What is meant by “Change Skin Tone in PicsArt”?

“Change Skin Tone in PicsArt” refers to the art of “changing” or “replacing” a character’s skin tone in an image.

Change Skin Tone in PicsArt Interface

You can basically turn a “White Man” into a “Black Man”! And vise versa.

“Changing Skin Tone” in an image is just about changing the colours of the pixels by using “Colours” and “Brushes“.

How To Change Skin Tone in PicsArt?

In order to “Change Skin Tone in PicsArt“. Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

A Beard Man

But before that. Above is an image of a “Man with fair skin colour”. We will be using it to demonstrate the end results.

Step 1 : Open your image in PicsArt.

Step 2 : Select “Beautify Tool“. The Interface changes.

Step 3 : Tap on “Skin Tone”. Now we can see all the available colours which we can use in our character.

Change Skin Tone in PicsArt Colours

Step 4 : We get a total of 8 different shades of “Skin Tone”.

Choose any colour of your choice and gently brush over your image.

Step 5 : Additionally. You can adjust the size of the brush tool to suit your image. You can do so by tapping on the Brush Tool.

Change Skin Tone in PicsArt Brush Options

As well as “Opacity” and “Hardness” of the Brush Tool can also be adjusted.

Step 6 : In case you’ve made any wrong move. Or, if you’ve brushed over an unwanted area. You can erase those mistakes by using the Eraser Tool.

Change Skin Tone in PicsArt Eraser Options

Just like the Brush Tool above. You do get options to adjust the Size as well as Opacity and Hardness of the Eraser Brush or Eraser Tip.

Step 7 : Tap on the top right check mark (√) to save your progress.

Change Skin Tone in PicsArt Completed Image

Above is an image processed after applying the “Skin Tone” in PicsArt Photo Studio.

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