PicsArt Border Tool | How To use the Border Tool in PicsArt

A Step by Step tutorial to help you learn How To Use the “PicsArt Border Tool“. Along with explanations and detail definitions of all the Adjustments of the border tool in PicsArt.

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What is PicsArt Border Tool?

PicsArt Border Tool” is an editing tool in PicsArt Photo Studio which allows you to add borders around your image quickly.

PicsArt Editing Interface

You get options to increase/decrease the border size, both internally and externally. You can also adjust the radius of the borders as well. Which is basically smoothening the edges of the border.

How to use the PicsArt Border Tool?

In order to use the “PicsArt Border Tool“, follow the Step by Step instructions provided below;

Step 1 : Open “PicsArt Photo Studio” along with your image.

Baby sparrow

We will be using the image above for our project. It’s an image of a beautiful baby sparrow.

Step 2 : Slide the bottom toolbar to the left and select “Border”. The interface changes.

PicsArt Border Tool

Now you can see the interface change into Outer, Inner and Radius segment. Let us get to know more about all the options mentioned above.

  • Outer : “Outer” option adjusts the size of the exterior border of the image. By default, the colour is set to “Black”.

PicsArt Border Tool outer border

  • Inner : “Inner” option adjusts the size of the interior border of the image. By default, the colour is set to “White”.

PicsArt Border Tool inner border

  • Radius : The “Radius” option allows you to either soften or harden the edges of inner the border.

PicsArt Border Tool RadiusStep 3 : You also get the option to add the inner border internally or externally by just changing the default value “Outside” to “Inside”.

PicsArt Border Tool Inside

Step 4 : You can also change the colour of the border by tapping on the colour box which is present on the right hand side, respective of each option.

PicsArt Border Tool colour

You may add any colour of your choice. You can also adjust the colour wheel to get even more colours.

Step 5 : Once you are done adding a border to your image, tap on the top right check mark to save your border.

Baby sparrow image with added border

Above is an image of the image processed after applying the “PicsArt Border Tool“.

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