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PicsArt Editing: Blur Background Image | PicsArt Editing Tutorial

Blurred Background Image or a Bokeh Effect can be brought to your images using PicsArt.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tutorial, Blur Background Image. We will learn how to blur the background of an image using PicsArt Effects.

As PicsArt does not have any dedicated selection tool to quickly blur an image. We will have to use the Effects to blur our background image. Let’s get to learn more about this deeply.

Step 1. Choose an image for your project. You can choose any image of your choice. A quick advice from my side. Choose a Portrait Image. These types of images are more likely to gel with the Bokeh Effect. I got my image from Pexels.

Adorable Adult Beautiful

Get this Image.

Step 2. Now open the image in PicsArt.

Step 3. Go to Effects > Blur > Blur. Now we have our blur interface in front of us. We now get to tons of options such as Blur, Lens Blur, Smart Blur, Motion Blur, Focal Zoom and the Radial Blur. Let’s get to know what they actually do and the purpose of each options.

Go To Blur

PicsArt Blur Option Blur

Blur: This option simply blurs the image naturally. Meaning it blurs the whole portion of the image evenly. This is what we will be using for this project to blur the background of our image.

PicsArt Blur option Lens Blur

Lens Blur: Similar to what happens when the camera shakes at the time we click a photo. This tool can be used to replicate the shake as well as create a Lens Blur Effect. Hence the name.

There are 3 additional options for this particular option. Those are Octagon, Rhombus and Triangle. These tools can be used to define the glitters formed due to the Lens Blur.

PicsArt Blur Option Smart Blur

Smart Blur: It’s only smart with the name. It’s actually not what you’re thinking of. It basically blurs the whole image in way that the Image starts to look like an Oil Painting. It just softens the areas and tries to make it look neat.

PicsArt Blur Option Motion Blur

Motion Blur: Similar to Lens Blur. You can create a blurry effect caused due to some kind of shakiness. But this tool is a little different than the previous one. You can create an Effect like as if someone is running in Speed with all the areas affected.

You can also control the distance between each blur or simply maintain a gap. And you can also control the Opacity and the Angle from where the Blur Effect generates.

PicsArt Blur Options Focal Zoom

Focal Zoom: Focal Zoom can be used to Highlight a Particular Area of an Image. All you have to do is select an area using the selector and you’re done. You’ll notice the areas nearby (to the selection) to get deeper and blurred.

You can also control the Blur Radius, Size of the Selector, Hardness and obviously with the Opacity.

PicsArt Blur Options Radial Blur

Radial Blur: Radial Blur and the Focal Blur are very similar in terms of How they affect the image. While the Focal Blur affects in a Striking manner, the other affects in a Circular manner. They both work after you select a portion of an image.

For our project. To blur the background of an image, we will be using the regular “Blur” tool. It’s much more easier. We don’t need a fancy equipment such as the Focal Zoom etc.

Step 4. So now that we know about all the different types of Blur Effect that we can create using PicsArt. It’s now time for us to move ahead with our project.

Step 5. Tap on “Blur” and increase the amount of blur according to your taste. For an evenly balanced Effect. I would recommend you to start at around 15 and head towards as high as 25. At most. Well, all those varies person to person.

Step 6. Now tap on the Eraser Icon above.

Step 7. Zoom your image as much as possible and start to erase the main character as our prior is to blur the background.

Erase All the unwanted Blurred Areas

You can change the Size, Opacity and the Hardness of the Eraser by tapping on the Eraser icon, again.

Step 8. Keep erasing until you are satisfied with the result. Take your time in doing it, there’s no need to be in a rush.

Step 9. Once you are done with the Erase, you can go ahead and tap on the “Correct” icon on the top right corner to save your work.

Step 10. We are almost done since we left to Final Save our project. By following all the process and the steps above. You can easily blur the background image using PicsArt. Below is a sample of the completed image.

PicsArt Blur Background Image

Well, this was all in this post, PicsArt Blur Background Image. I hope this tutorial, PicsArt Blur Background Image to be the one you were looking for and I strongly believe this tutorial to be an easy to read and understand tutorial. And if you want to learn more, you can continue to read more about PicsArt in PicsArt Editing TutorialPicsArt Drawing TutorialPicsArt Editing Tools and PicsArt Drawing Tools.

Thank You very much for reading this post.

This tutorial is also available to watch on YouTube.

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