PicsArt Editing Tools: PicsArt Adjust Tool | Adjustments Tool Explained

PicsArt Adjustments Tool is a Tool which can be used to make professional quality adjustments by controlling the amount of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and finally Temperature.

PicsArt Adjustments Tool

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tools tutorial, we will learn about the PicsArt Adjustments Tool. These are basically one of the most common and useful tools to play with, if you love editing. So let’s get to learn about all the Tools mentioned above and we will also get to know about their purposes too.

A leaf

But before that. I have the image above from Pexels to demonstrate the end results after the effect has been applied. So that you can get a clear idea of each and every single tools.

Starting off with,

Brightness Tool

PicsArt Brightness Image of a leaf

As expected. Brightness Tool is used to brighten up the Pixels of an image. You can easily brighten up the dark areas by just sliding the little button to the right. You will be amazed to see the image being brightened by the Brightness Tool. By the way this is nothing so special. But, it sure is an important tool.

You can use this same tool to even Darken your images by just sliding the button to the left.

The image above was captured after applying brightness at a level of around 30-40.


PicsArt Contrast Image of a leaf

In the world of editing. Contrast refers to the difference between the two colours. The Bright and the Dark.

It’s hard to create an image correctly balanced between the two. You can increase the contrast by sliding the button to the right. This will basically Brighten the lighter colours and Darken the darker colours.

The contrast tool can also be used to bring alive the dull colours. Getting used to the contrast tool will surely take some time and also with all the other tools mentioned above.

The image above was captured after applying the Contrast at a level of 100.


PicsArt Saturation Image of a leaf

Saturation means the Intensity of the Colours. Or, the strength of the colours.

Once you slide the button to the right. You’ll notice that the colours starts to get stronger. And as you go further, you’ll notice the colours to get even more stronger.

The image above was captured after applying the Saturation at a level of 100.


PicsArt Hue Image of a leaf

Increasing the amount of Hue will result in “HULK” images.

Hue is a combination of Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green. Just the way a rainbow melts one colour with the other. You can use this tool to mix up all the colours and create a new one, both selectively and as a whole.

The image above was captured after applying the Hue at a level of 90.


PicsArt Shadow Image of a leaf

Shadow tools can be used to Brighten up the dark areas.

When I first saw this tool, I thought I could use this tool to create Shadows. Or, maybe effect the areas with shadows. But no. I’ve conducted tenths of tests and found no shadow affected. It simply creates an effect similar to “Foggy”.

The image above was captured after applying the Shadow at a level of 100.


PicsArt Highlights Image of a leaf

Another renamed tool.

This tool won’t highlight anything. It will simply brighten up the already bright areas.

It’s of no additional use and I actually found no use of the Shadow and the Highlights Tool. Seriously!

The image above was captured after applying the Highlights at a level of 100.


PicsArt Temperature Positive Image of a leaf

You can use this tool to add “Warm” and or “Cool” effect in your images.

If you increase the temperature. You will see your images getting warmer. In easy words. Your images will start to look kinda like the colour Orange.

The image above was captured after applying the Temperature at a level of 100.

PicsArt Temperature Negative Image of a leaf

If you decrease the temperature. You will notice your images to get cooler in every visible colours. Your Images will start to look blueish.

The image above was captured after applying the Temperature at a level of -100.

This tool is basically used to control the weather of an image. Just like the weather on earth. Look at the figure above for further knowledge.

The Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool

It’s great to see PicsArt pushing the power of Eraser Tool in every other editing tools. You also have the option to erase all the areas you see unfit.

You can adjust the Size, Opacity and the Hardness of the Eraser Brush. You basically have full control working with PicsArt.

You can make a selection with the help of the Eraser Tool. Giving you the freedom to work with specific areas.

Well, this was all in this post PicsArt Adjustments Tool. I hope this tutorial,”PicsArt Adjustments Tool” to be the one you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

If you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You can read and learn more through the following links provided below.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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