6 years before, in April 2001, Mars Global Surveyor took image PIA03225 [2], which shows the lower edges in the same way. But because the orbiter was not in the zenith of the mountain during the exposure the higher parts in the landform, including the upper edges of the slopes, are shifted to the left, the more to the higher they are. PIA03225 with 2400 x 2400 pixels and a resolution of 1.5m per pixel [2] is made upright by a rotation of 23.5 degrees to the right and a section of 2000 pixels in length and width has been taken. Again arcs and lines as parts of circles and squares have been painted with software onto the photo and two axes have been added to indicate a symmetry. On this picture the mountains length is 1813 pixel, representing 2719 m and the mountain  width  is 1270 pixel, representing 1905 m.