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Wrapping Up: April 2018 | Statistics of Pixel Edit

Hello there! This is Daimary John and we have successfully completed the month of April 2018! And now it’s May of 2018. Great! So this post is a Thanksgiving to all of my followers and each one of you who liked my posts and every inspiring comments you’ve made. Thank You!

So I started on the 8th of April 2018. From that time to this date, here are all my Statistics of Pixel Edit. How it has performed and how the past month went. So starting off with the number of Posts. Only the one’s which I’ve published. So the total number of posts that I’ve published is 12 (Twelve)! These are:

1. Double Exposure | 368 Views

2. Change Image Background | 442 Views

3. Create a Cracked Glass Effect | 197 Views

4. Smoke Effect | 284 Views

5. Dispersion Effect | 203 Views

6. Neon Glow Light Effect | 268 Views

7. Create a transparent PNG | 292 Views

8. Earth Tree for Save Earth | 277 Views

9. Neon Lightsaber | 198 Views

10. Layer Tool | 144 Views

11. Free Crop Tool | 138 Views

12. Resize Tool | 154 Views

All of those posts include PicsArt Editing Tools, PicsArt Editing Tutorial and of PicsArt Drawing Tutorial. All of the posts performed Superb! But the one which performed the highest is the Home Page itself. Which is the PicsArt Editing Tutorial with a total number of 1,371 Views. That’s One Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy One. Great!

So the total number of Views for the month of April 2018 is 4,913! (Including all the other pages) And a total of 2,291 Visitors.

I actually forgot to record the number of Likes as month passed by. But hey, I do have the total number of likes for the last month. An the total number of likes is 2,172! That’s Two Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Two. Awesome!

Now let’s get serious. This is by far the biggest achievements of Pixel Edit. As i could successfully reach a Thousand Mark. That’s 1000 Followers! In original, I earned a total of around 1,050. A huge thanks to all of you! By the time i wrote this article. I managed to hit 1,066 Folowers.

Well! Well! Well! It’s Great for WordPress to congratulate for every new Achievements. My Favourite is the one i received for a 1000 followers.

Wow! It looks so beautiful. Did you notice that little Headphone Icon>?

Bottom Line

Thank You! and i promise to publish one of my best and the most creative edit by this month.

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