PicsArt Advanced Puzzle Effect | How to create an Amazing Puzzle Effect in PicsArt

A Step by Step Tutorial to help you learn How To create an amazing looking “Advanced Puzzle Effect” in your images using PicsArt Photo Studio.

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What is Advanced Puzzle Effect?

“Advanced Puzzle Effect” in PicsArt is a part of “Creative Image Editing” in PicsArt Photo Studio or any other image editing softwares, where an image is merged along with a puzzle board.

Basic puzzle effect

Last time here in Pixel Edit. I showed you how to create a basic puzzle effect in PicsArt. Which looks like the image above.

Learn: How to create a basic puzzle effect in PicsArt?

In this tutorial. We will be moving all the puzzle pieces to make it look exactly like a real puzzle board or puzzle image. Actually, we will move only 4 pieces.

How To create an Advanced Puzzle Effect in PicsArt?

In order to create an Advanced Puzzle Effect in PicsArt, Follow the Step by Step instructions provided below.

Step 1 : Open PicsArt Draw along with your images.

picsart advanced puzzle effect interface

You will basically need 2 images. First as an “Original Image” and the other as a “Puzzle Board”.

Step 2 : Change the Blending mode “Normal” to “Multiply”.

picsart advanced puzzle effect multiply

Once you change the blending mode to “Multiply”. You will notice that the puzzle looks totally original, without any extra work. But that’s not the look we want. So,

Step 3 : Merge the two layers together. The “original image” and the “puzzle board”.

picsart advanced puzzle effect merge

Now we have just 2 layers to work with. Our puzzle image layer along with a white empty background layer.

Step 4 : Copy the merged layer 5 times. Because we will move 4 pieces of the puzzle.

picsart advanced puzzle effect copy layer

As you can see in the image above. I’ve copied the layer upto 5 times. But you can create as much as want. It all depends on how many pieces you would actually like to move.

Step 5 : Disable all the 4 layer above and lock them. We will be working on the fifth layer.

picsart advanced puzzle effect hide layer

You can tap on the “Eye Ball” icon to hide or lock the layer. Do this so we can,

Step 6 : Erase the Layer (s).

picsart advanced puzzle effect erase

We will now have to erase the layers bit by bit. Starting from the fifth layer. Do erase all the other pieces of the puzzle. And also do make sure to keep just one piece alive.

Refer to the image above for more information.

Step 7 : Do the same for all the other 3 layers.

picsart advanced puzzle effect erase more layers

You will have to keep erasing the other pieces of the puzzle in these layers too.

Step 8 : So now we’ve done erasing the layers.

picsart advanced puzzle effect list of layers

The image above is how it shoud look. You basically have one complete layer on the above and the bottom layers are all the pieces which we will be moving at a later stage.

Step 9 : On the top complete layer. Erase the puzzle pieces which we have with us in layer no. 2,3,4 and 5.

picsart advanced puzzle effect erase all pieces

This is how it should look when you’re done. Just like the image above. It shows you all the layers and how they’ve been erased.

Step 10 : Move the layers according to your sight.

picsart advanced puzzle effect transform layers

So now that we’ve done erasing all the layers as intended. We can now transform the layers to give them a new home.

Do make sure to unlock them by tapping on the eyeball icon, again.

On the layer menu. You will notice three horizontal dots on the top right hand side. Tap there and tap on “Transform”. You can now move the layer accordingly.

Do this for layer 2,3,4 and 5.

Below is a sample image of the completed Advanced Puzzle Effect in PicsArt Photo Studio.

picsart advanced puzzle effect sample image

You can also view the full sized image.

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If you want to increase your knowledge over PicsArt. You can read and learn more through the following links provided below.

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