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Before we actually move ahead with the Tutorials. Make sure to learn all the PicsArt Tools first.

Tree Light Bulb

Picsart light tree bulb

PicsArt Tree Light Bulb is an Art created using a Light Bulb and a Tree to form an image blended together, well.

Hello There! This is Daimary John and in this PicsArt Editing Tutorial, PicsArt Tree Light. We will learn how to create a very popular and a creative way of using a Light Bulb to create amazing Art. For this particular project, make sure to learn How to use the Layer Tool. Because the Layer Tool is what makes this project successfully successful.

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Double Exposure

Cover PicsArt Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a type of image where 2 images are set one above the other using the Layers Tool. Most editors like to add a Tree or a Forest in the hair. Typically of a women. We’re gonna do the same but without the Tree. We will be using a Ship for this edit.

I am really pleased with the end result. It all went very well and now this project is one of my favourites. You can also learn how to create an image like this using the PicsArt Editing App for Android.

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Change Image Background

So now let’s get to learn How to change image background in PicsArt? With the help of Free Crop Tool. You will not only learn how to change an image’s background. But you’ll also step ahead with your editing skills.

Cover PicsArt Change Background Image

Cracked Glass Effect

PicsArt Cracked Glass effect

A PNG image is great and ideal for creating almost all types of Creative Edits. But what happens if you have none? The Short answer is, Use a JPEG Image. With the help of PicsArt Layer Tool. I just Screened the Layer and the result was perfect. Learn How to create a Cracked Glass Effect in PicsArt?

Smoke Effect

Create a Smoke Effect

With the help of 2 PNG Images and a little knowledge of Layers helped me Create This Smoke Effect in PicsArt. An awesome feeling to share this with you guyz. So here is how you can create a Smoke Effect in PicsArt?

Cover Dispersion Effect

Dispersion Effect

You can create a Dispersion Effect using the Selection Tools, Copy & Paste, Layers & Brushes etc. Or, You can also use the dedicated tool available in PicsArt which will help you create a stunning looking Dispersion Effect. All you have to do is highlight all the areas.

Cover Glow Light

Glow Light/Neon Light Effect

PicsArt Glow Light. Glow Light Effect in PicsArt can be accomplished by using the Layer Tool. All you have to do is highlight the areas in “White”. Create another Layer and Cover up the highlighted area with a bright colour. The Last step would be to Screen the Third Layer. Read More for PicsArt Glow Light Effect.

Cover PicsArt Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening using an App is a process to whiten the teeth using the Brightness Tools. There are a lot of ways to actually whiten the teeth in PicsArt such as by using White Brush, Curves and the dedicated Teeth Whitening Tool.

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Cover PicsArt Puzzle Effect

PicsArt Puzzle Effect

Blending is a form of combining Two Images in a creative manner to create a Masterpiece. We will basically turn a regular image into a completed Puzzle Board.

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Thumbnail PicsArt Blur Background Image

Blur Background Image

Blurred Background Image or a Bokeh Effect can be brought to your images using PicsArt. As PicsArt does not have any dedicated selection tool to quickly blur an image. We will have to use the Effects to blur our background image.

Create a Transparent PNG Image

PicsArt PNG

PNG images are very reputed due to their transparency and usability. This also make it expensive to purchase. But if you can atleast know how to use the Eraser Tool in PicsArt. You can create your own Transparent PNG Image. Just like the one above.

Save Earth / Earth Tree

Earth Tree Save Earth

PicsArt Save Earth. In this tutorial we will learn how to blend a Tree with an Earth to make it look like an Earth Tree. We will be using Eraser Tool, Layer Tool and lots and lots of new stickers for this particular edit. You can create any of your imaginations and bring it to life.

Neon Lightsaber


Are you searching for few PNG Images to add into your images? Are you having insufficient funds to purchase Clipart? Worry not! With the help of PicsArt Drawing Tools you can create your own PNG images. Such as a Lightsaber. A neon glowing Lightsaber.

Water Reflection

PicsArt Water Reflection on Tree.jpg

Water reflection is formed naturally. But with the help of PicsArt, you can create your own Water Reflection effect. Hello there! This is Daimary John and in this post, PicsArt Water Reflection Tutorial. We will learn how to create our own water reflection using PicsArt Layers and a few Effects. Get to know PicsArt Water Reflection.